Facilities at CHEC

Lecture Theatre

The Dinwoodie Lecture Theatre

The jewel in our crown is the 180-seater tiered and air-conditioned Dinwoodie Lecture Theatre.  With external audio-visual link capabilities, including video conferencing and live link-ups with the operating theatres in the Hospital, this is a unique facility catering to a wide range of training needs.

The Dinwoodie Lecture Theatre is perfect if you are planning a bigger seminar or conference.

Kalinowski Syndicate Room

Syndicate Rooms

We have two further large training rooms, each suitable for groups of up to 30 people. These rooms are ideal for using when the delegates needs to break up into smaller groups since they are in close proximity to our suite of five break out/syndicate rooms.

These rooms can be booked separately and are ideal for small business meetings and interviews. Each syndicate room can accommodate up to 12 people.

Skills Lab

Skills Suite & Laboratory

The Practical Skills Suite comprises a large practical skills training room and the Alexander Clinical Skills Laboratory.

The practical skills training room, whilst generally used for manual handling and resuscitation training courses, is ideal for all practical skills training.

With twelve work stations, the Alexander Clinical Skills Laboratory  is licensed under the Anatomy Act and is perfect for all surgical skills training. Adjacent to the Laboratory is a convenient ante-room suitable for teaching groups of up to 15 people. This room can also be booked separately.

Seminar Room

Seminar Rooms

Our two large Seminar Rooms can accommodate 80 and 60 people, respectively. These two rooms become four when the sound-proofed room dividers are used, providing spaces for 2 X 40 people and 2 x 30 people, respectively.

These large, flexible spaces enjoy natural light and can also be used for practical skills training.

Charles Hastings Education Centre Restaurant


To complement our training and seminar facilities, we have a large, on site restaurant overlooking our gardens, open daily for hot and cold meals.

In addition to our standard menus, our restaurant manager will be happy to discuss your individual requirements and arrange special menus.



Also at CHEC is the Rowlands Library which is ideal for study and research sessions.

IT Training Room

IT Training

CHEC offers a fully equipped IT training room with the capacity for training sessions of up to 12 people at a time.
The computers in the IT training room are installed with the Microsoft Office package with programs such as Word, Excel, Power Point and Publisher.

George Marshall Medical Museum

George Marshall Medical Museum

The Museum provides a unique experience for delegates to CHEC. Stroll through our museum and wonder at the strange and gruesome medical equipment and practices of earlier times. Visit the museum’s website, which is regularly updated with news and events at www.medicalmuseum.org.uk

Facilities at CHEC

Our range of flexible, well appointed educational spaces includes:

  • 180-seater lecture theatre
  • 80-seater seminar room (divides into 2 x 40)
  • 60-seater seminar room (divides into 2 x 30)
  • 2 x 30-seater training room
  • 5 x break-out/syndicate/meeting rooms
  • 10 work station IT training room
  • Clinical skills laboratory
  • Practical skills training room

We also have:

  • A 200-seater restaurant
  • A large circulation/exhibition area
  • A beautiful library
  • A fascinating medical museum